Imogen Callaway. YouTube Legend. #InterView

Hi Imogen! Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Imogen. I am now 25, I work in an office, I love stationery, love planning and organising! My favourite animal is a squirrel and love to go and photograph them in the wild at weekends!

What is your Intersex variation?

I have complete androgen insensitivity syndrome or CAIS.

How did you feel after you were diagnosed?

I don't really remember how I felt, I just remember as the doctor told me the doctors head kept shrinking and growing, I don't know how to explain it, but it was growing and shrinking.

I think I felt a bit numb at first it took a while for it to properly hit me.

How do you feel now?

I feel fine now, it doesn't affect me much in my day to day life, the only real affect is the injections as they hurt but that's 8 weekly.

What is your proudest achievement?

Speaking at the conference in Oklahoma as I am a very shy and nervous person but I managed to get up in front of lots of people and speak and tell them about everything I have done!

What is your happiest experience since being diagnosed?

Going to the USA to the orchids in Oklahoma meet up! It was amazing!!

And making so many amazing friends! Including one I met for the first time at hospital in London!

What is has been your biggest challenge in relation to your Intersex variation?

Too many trips to the doctors!!!!!!!!!!

How, if at all, have you found your Intersex variation interacts with your experiences of dating or relationships?

I have found it hasn't mattered, I have always gone with the theory that if they care that I am intersex I don't care about them! I would rather then love me for who I am than anything else!

What is one dream you have for Intersex people in the future?

That they don't feel ashamed and are able to be honest and open about who they are, and for everyone to be fully educated and know about interesex.

If you could give a piece of advice for someone newly diagnosed, what would it be?

Don't feel like you have to hide! Being intersex makes you a super hero of a sort as you are different! Never let anyone make you feel anything other than amazing for being different! And if you ever do feel sad just talk to someone! Talking does really help everything!!!


Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite film: The Lego Movie, 27 Dresses, Taking Care of Business and The Intern

Favourite hobby: Photography


Favourite TV show: Once Upon a Time or Lost Girl

Favourite book: The life-chancing magic of tidying up and Alice in Wonderland

Favourite role model: I don't know it used to be Gala Darling or Gwen Stefani, it might not of changed? I don't ever think about it

Name an Intersex role model: Alice Alvarez who was on Buzzfeed, she is amazing and is such a lovely person