Here are some examples of some bad-ass people with Intersex bodies who, either through just living publicly or actively campaigning, are advancing the rights and equality for Intersex people. Though Intersex may seem to some like a complete unknown and undiscussed phenomenon to some, I am only able to create this website and talk openly about Intersex because of the people here who have come before me. As with many topics as diverse and colourful as Intersex I may not always 100% percent agree with the occasional position from some of those here all of the time (that is a feat in any context) but that is great and they deserve yours and my respect all the same. All of them are truly incredible and I would not be here without them. 

Some of the bio's are shorter than others. This is because I have taken bio's from that person's website or organisation they are affiliated with. I'll continue to add to the names but if there is anyone here that you feel deserves mention please let me know!

Dawn Vago


Dawn is Co-Director and Educational Coordinator for Intersex UK.

She focuses on raising awareness and, specifically, affecting policy change in the field of medical treatment of intersex people. She also works part-time as a singer and entertainer in the travel industry performing on ships around the world. 

She has Complete Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS) and was raised by wonderful #parents who encouraged her to see the beauty within.

Jim Ambrose


The first time Jim Ambrose spoke publicly on intersex issues was at the University of Minnesota in 1997. He was 20 years old. 

A year later he left his hometown of Baton Rouge, LA for San Francisco, CA and began volunteering for The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA). Jim’s work with ISNA sent him all over lecturing, working with young activists, and offering his perspective as a survivor of a unique campaign of normalization. Cosmetic genital surgeries, a robust hormone regimen, and a needless isolation supported by shame and secrecy were hallmarks of this modern medical treatment. 

Jim was featured alongside fellow activist Tiger Devore in the award-winning short film XXXY in 2000. In 2008, he joined Advocates for Informed Choice (AIC). Jim established AIC’s media presence and initiated the first intersex youth leadership development program: Inter/Act. Jim co-founded The Interface Project in 2012. 

Jim's work has been featured in diverse publications and programs including CNN, The Discovery ChannelMontana Public Radio, and The New Yorker. He lives in Missoula, Montana where he plies his trade as a writer and editor.

Pidgeon Pagonis


Pidgeon was born and raised in Chicago and has an MA in Women's and Gender Studies from DePaul University where they focused their studies on intersex issues and activism. They've been given a “30 under 30” award by The Windy City Times–a renowned voice in journalism that highlights important topics and emerging leaders around LGBTQI issues. Pidgeon is the former Communications & Operations Manager and Youth Leadership Coordinator for Inter/Act, an intersex/DSD youth project, at Advocates for Informed Choice (AIC)--an organization that fights for the legal rights of intersex/DSD children and their families. Since 2006, they have made an effort to expand the visibility of issues related to the intersex community by facilitating workshops and presentations around the world. 

Pidgeon recently completed a digital storytelling documentary titled The Son I Never Had: Growing up Intersex and had a similar titled piece published in Narratives Inquiries in Bioethics: A Journal of Qualitative Research.

Sean Saifa Wall

Sean Saifa Wall is an intersex man of African descent. His professional objective is to develop strong linkages between ethical, responsible research and community empowerment.

Aside from his work in the world, he is committed to the liberation of marginalized communities and particularly, people of African descent.

In his heart, he will always be a New Yorker, but has made his home in Atlanta, GA. Follow him at

Hida Villora


Hida Viloria is a Latinx, gender fluid, intersex activist, writer and author of the upcoming memoir, Born Both (January 2017, by Hatchette Book Group). Viloria is Chairperson of  the Organization Intersex International (OII), the world’s largest intersex organization, as well as founder and director of its American branch, the Intersex Campaign for Equality (OII-USA). S/he has advocated extensively for equal human rights for intersex and non-binary people as a lecturer, consultant (IOC, UN, Human Rights Watch, LAMBDA Legal), and frequent television and radio guest (Oprah, BBC, Aljazeera, HuffpostLive, 20/20). HIda has also appeared in the films Gendernauts, One in 2000, and Intersexion, and has written for publications such as The Advocate, American Journal of Bioethics, Ms., and In 2013, Viloria’s human rights activism was acknowledged by being the first openly intersex person to be invited to speak at the United Nations. S/he has a degree in Gender and Sexuality  from the University of California at Berkeley, and lives in Oakland, CA.

Morgan Carpenter


Morgan has a background in qualitative social and economic policy research, with graduate and postgraduate qualifications in planning and economic development, and a Masters in Information Technology. Morgan is also a volunteer president of Organisation Intersex International (OII) Australia, a Public Benevolent Institution, and the secretary of ILGA Oceania.

A founding director of OII Australia, Morgan wrote OII Australia’s submissions to Senate Inquiries on anti-discrimination legislation and on involuntary or coerced sterilisation, and also participated in hearings for both Inquiries.  Morgan participated in the first intersex side event at the UN Human Rights Council, 2014, and moderated a 2015 presentation on intersex to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Morgan is an advisor to the first international Intersex Human Rights Fund, managed by the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, and has acted as an expert to UNESCO, the Asia-Pacific Forum, and a range of private projects.

Morgan currently works as a technologies consultant for theNational LGBTI Health Alliance, a consultant to the Foundation for Young Australians for its Safe Schools Coalition Australia project, and on a personal side project called Intersex Day.

Mani Bruce Mitchell


Mani Bruce Mitchell an intersex activist and counsellor from Wellington, New Zealand. 

Since 1996, Mitchell has been actively involved in education on intersex and gender variance issues, lecturing at universities and running workshops around the world and was also involved in the production of several TV documentaries a film and a photography book. Mitchell is a member of theNew Zealand Association of CounsellorsWorld Professional Association for Transgender Health and the International Transactional Analysis Association.

Mitchell is the Executive Director of Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand, also known as Intersex Awareness New Zealand. 

A documentary called Intersexion (2012) directed by Grant Lahood, features the story of Mani Mitchell and looks at how intersex people navigate their way through life. Mitchell also helped organize the third International Intersex Forum in November/December 2013.

Holly Greenberry

Holly Greenberry is the Co-Founder and Director of Intersex UK. As a Human Rights defender and educator, Holly works to develop the growth of IntersexUK as a charity, focusing on Intersex education & consultancy. She supports UK cross party development, continues work to unify International policy, educates for bodily autonomy, peer support, & equality for Intersex bodied children & others.

Sarah Graham


As the Director of Sarah Graham Solutions and as a prolific Intersex educator, Sarah Graham is recognised as being a leading authority on substance misuse by children and young adults and is an expert commentator for Frank (UK gov drugs information service).  Helping Frank communicate with one of the toughest, most demanding audiences of all- teenagers. in 2011, Sarah was appointed to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

Sarah frequently appears on UK television and national newspapers to educate on Intersex, and on issues associated with addiction and drugs. She is also a budding stand up comedian.

Ela Xora


Xora is a British mask maker, aural, visual and performance artist from London. Xora's 2012 debut collection of paintings and prints caused a stir in the art world and TIMEOUT magazine baptised her as "fascinating", "deeply charismatic and utterly distinctive".  Xora was nominated at the Southwark Art Awards in the Best Emerging Artist category and was also nominated at the Winter Pride Awards where she was selected as the main featured artist for the awards ceremony at Tobacco Docks in Central London. Xora is due to exhibit her eagerly anticipated series of 2015 exhibitions as Artist In Residence at Limewharf Gallery called "Prime Minister No More Scars" which is being exclusively previewed by the BBC.

Emily Quinn


Emily is a 25-year-old intersex woman, artist, animator, and Youth Leadership Coordinator for Inter/Act. She received her BFA in Animation and has spent the last few years working on Cartoon Network’s Emmy Award-winning Adventure TimeShe attended her first AIS-DSD Support Group meeting in 2013. Later that year Emily became an AIC intern, helped organise the first-ever intersex youth retreat, and was named MTV’s Faking It Coordinator. Emily was one of the key contacts in developing Lauren’s character and publicly came out as intersex at the premiere of Faking It’s second season.
She has since been featured in diverse media including The Huffington PostVice, and BuzzFeed. She left Cartoon Network in March, 2015 to take her position as AIC’s Youth Leadership Coordinator. She hopes to become a voice for intersex youth everywhere and will be pursing her Master’s in Community Leadership in the fall of 2015.

Eden Atwood

Eden Atwood is an American jazz musicianactress and an advocate for the civil rights of people born with intersex traits.  As a jazz musician she has recorded over fourteen albums. Eden publicly discussed her life as a woman with AIS for the first time in liner notes for her 2002 album, Waves: The Bossa Nova Session, with Bill Kohlhaase (Finding Eden: A Singer's Journey). Later she was featured on ABC's Primetime Live in 2008. She received her Master's of Social Work from Walla Walla University in December, 2013, and makes her home in Missoula, Montana.

Tiger Devore

Tiger Devore, PhD. has over 25 years of experience doing psychotherapy with all kinds of people. He does lots of work with healthy everyday people and couples who are experiencing problems in daily living or just dissatisfaction with quality of life, going through transitions as they age, change jobs, being in or out of relationship, going through separation, divorce, even death of a partner, or approaching dating after a loss.

He has many years of experience dealing with adjustment to long term disease, including many forms of cancer, AIDS/HIV, being dialysis dependent, or facing and living with organ transplant. His expertise as a certified sex therapist includes all forms of relationship counseling, as well as dealing with all forms of sexual dysfunction, including extensive knowledge of living well with reduced functioning, any form of fetish or alternative sexual practice or lifestyle, and the entire range of gender considerations, from intersex traits to sex reassignment.

He has appeared on television as a sex and relationship expert on the Today show, Oprah, Dr OZ, Montel, Sally, Leeza and others. He has appeared in documentaries for Discovery Channel, PBS, National Geographic television, New Zealand State television, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and BBC.  Some of these documentaries have been shown in film festivals around the world, one of them, XXXY, winning the highest awards. He has been an activist and advocate for the rights of people disabled by HIV as well as a range of people who are considered to be sexually different from the mainstream for the last 30 years.